What We Do:

  • Expert Witness Services including all pre-trial, deposition, trial and appeal services

  • Document Production and analysis

  • Data Collection, database development and analysis

  • Groundwater Contamination Modeling

  • Analysis of Groundwater contaminant levels and predictors of future contamination

  • Development of models for groundwater flow and contaminant transport

  • Environmental contamination consulting services

How We Help Clients:

  • We provide state of the art scientific analysis to determine where the contamination originated, how bad it is, where it will travel and when it will get there.

  • We thoroughly analyze documents and data to help you build your arguments.

  • We translate highly-scientific and complex hydrogeology theorems and terminology into terms the court and others can easily understand.

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When attorneys across the country need an expert witness to explain, substantiate, model or outline risks and potential remediation costs in groundwater contamination and toxic tort cases, they turn to Wheatcraft & Associates.  That’s because we provide cost efficient, timely and reliable results.

We put our 40 years of hands-on field experience and rigorous scientific methodology to work for clients ranging in size from individuals to corporations and government entities that serve over two million customers.  What’s more, our hydrogeology team fully understands the toxic tort legal landscape and challenges to contamination causation such as Daubert motions and provides litigation support services that have made the difference in complex, nuanced litigation matters

Bringing Scientific Expertise to Groundwater Contamination Issues

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